With at least 1 week's notice, you can order one of our SEMI-CUSTOM cakes from the SHOP CUSTOM section of our website (click on PRE-ORDER then SHOP CUSTOM).
Choose from a wide collection of themes - from FLORAL to SUPERHERO, and much more. Many of these designs can be modified to suit your theme - to learn more, follow  this link.

For one-of-a-kind CUSTOM CAKES email us at Include image, size, & date. 
With 24-hour notice, you can place orders for any of our stock items by going to our PRE-ORDER menu and selecting a LOCATION

Please note: We reserve the right to cut online orders at any time should we reach capacity

Thank you for sticking by us these past two years! We appreciate your loyalty.

The Bakehouse takes pride in being a made-from-scratch old-fashioned bakery.  Raising prices is always a difficult decision, but to maintain the quality you expect from us, we must make adjustments.

Our small business is being hit hard by the effects of inflation. Our raw material costs have risen over 25% percent in just the last few months, the cost of paper & packaging has tripled, and all costs of running a business (from payroll to insurance) continue to go up.

We are not price gouging. Our price increases are based on ingredient costs.

We hope you continue to support our bakery and enjoy the many products we offer!  

Tuesday -Friday 7-3
Saturday  7-4 
Sunday   7-2
Closed Monday


Tuesday-Friday 6-2
Saturday 8-4
Closed Sunday & Monday

TARRYTOWN: Old-Fashioned Bakery & Cafe

The perfect destination to meet friends for a cup of coffee and a breakfast pastry.

We offer a full coffee bar and serve breakfast and lunch Tuesday-Saturday. 

You will also find a selection of Bakehouse favorites: cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more...

Videos by Asi Mor / Insta:

ARDSLEY: Old-Fashioned Bakery & Comfort Food

Serving our community with every day basics from bread to ready-made dinners.

Specializing in cakes for all occasions.

And, when you need a little sweet treat, we have that too!