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"Custom" Orders 

Dear Longtime & New Customers,

We are a small family owned and operated bakery with a big presence.  

Because we are such a local institution, people tend to forget that there are human beings behind this operation. Like many small businesses we are still reeling from the challenges the pandemic created. Over the last 2+ years we adapted to every new challenge. We closed Mondays and cut our hours because we couldn’t find or retain talent, we eliminated products that didn’t sell well because we simply didn’t have the manpower to make them, and we created a robust website so that our business could be open 24 hours a day.


We continue to make changes to our business model to allow us to weather future storms. Not all of these changes are easy for us to make, and we are sure not all changes will be easy for you either. To help sustain our business, these are changes that must be made.

One big change is regarding our CUSTOM ORDER policy.

We have a built a SHOP CUSTOM section for our website. Here, you can purchase larger versions of our STOCK CAKES or choose from hundreds of PRE-DESIGNED cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, and other individual treats. We offer themes ranging from FLORAL to SUPERHERO and WEDDIG CAKES to VEHICLES. Many of these items can be "customized" by changing the highlighted character, color motif, or other thematic details. 

After much consideration we have decided to no longer price out NEW one-of-a-kind custom orders. Instead, we ask that you browse our GALLERY or the SHOP CUSTOM section and choose one of our designs which can be ordered directly from out site.  If you do email us with a CUSTOM order request, we will direct you to one of our cakes that best fits your image or theme and we can, where applicable, offer ideas for modifications/customizations. BUT, you can still email us invitations and other imagery for inspiration and color motifs.  As mentioned above, by simply altering the color motif or character on a cake you will create a ONE-OF-A-KIND design just for you and your event.

In addition we are working on a new menu - DESIGN YOUR OWN. This STEP by STEP system allows you to pick and choose different design elements for your cake. 

We hope you find a cake (or cookie, cupcake, cake pop) that you like or that you can semi-customize to suit your event.

Here are step-by-step directions on how to order from our SHOP CUSTOM menus– if you have any questions or need assistance with your first online order, feel free to call us TUESDAY-SATURDAY between 7AM and 2:30 PM at 914-693-9758. Ask for Andrea - she can assist you with ONLINE ordering.  

Our apologies, but we only have one phone line so it can be difficult getting through to us:

  1. Go to www.bakehouse.us

  2. Click on PRE-ORDER

  3. From the drop-down menu, select SHOP CUSTOM

  4. Below our “earliest-pick-up-date box”, it will say BAKEHOUSE BASIC… and  a “v” - CLICK HERE to view the drop down thematic menus or you can manually scroll through all of them.  Select the menu or the menu you want to browse.

  5. Select the cake (or cookie, cupcake, or cake pop) or the of your choice. Please read the entire cake description and be sure to scroll through and select all options (including TERMS) before submitting your order.

  6. In SPECIAL REQUESTS you can specify information like color motif, inscription, and other minor changes.

  7. Then Add to Cart and follow prompts for payment

SHOP CUSTOM products require AT LEAST 1 week’s notification, so be sure to order on time.  Should we reach capacity we reserve the right to cut online orders at any time.




FAQ & Info

Ordering policy

We are not offering in-person custom order consultations. We are not pricing out cakes from other bakeries. All custom orders will be made in the SHOP CUSTOM section of our website. Please read "CUSTOM" ORDERS for more information.

Although our SHOP CUSTOM site is integrated into our main site, it is separate. If you are looking to purchase a custom order and also stock items (like cookie trays or pies) you will have to make two separate transactions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cancellation Policy

No changes can be made to your cake or cupcake order 3 days prior to the pick-up-date.  No changes can be made to your cookie order 5 days prior to the pick-up date. If an order is cancelled within the 3-day window (for cakes and cupcakes) or 5-day window (for cookies) we will retain the 50% deposit. 

Any changes or cancellations to ONLINE ORDERS prior to the 3 or 5 day window also incur a 5% processing fee.


We are NOT an allergen free bakery. This facility makes items with common allergens like peanuts, nuts, wheat, eggs, dairy, etc. There is always the risk of cross-contamination.


Flavor Specifics

Flavors combinations are listed under each SHOP CUSTOM item. 

*Fresh strawberries are the only filling we charge extra for.

*For tiered cakes or designs, our strawberry shortcake must be paired with gold cake (not sponge cake) 

* Our Tres Leches cake can not be used for tiered cakes or custom designs. We only offer whipped cream icing with this flavor.  

*Semi-naked cakes, taller than standard cakes, and larger tiers require a STABLE filling (noted in flavor combo lists in SHOP CUSTOM)

Order Pick-up

We recommend all custom orders be picked up by 2pm Tuesday-Saturday, but, if necessary, we are open for Sunday pick-up before 1:45pm. 

No cake decorators work on Sunday.  In the rare event that there is an issue with the order, and you pick it up on Sunday, there will be no-one to fix it AND our young Sunday staff  is not equipped to address such issues.  At that point, you would have to take the cake as-is (or not take the cake). We will do what we can to resolve the issue fairly on Tuesday. When speaking with our staff, please discuss the matter in a calm and reasonable manner. We will not tolerate abusive or hostile behavior.  Please remember - cake is not a matter of life and death. 



Our apologies, but we are currently not offering deliveries.  

Online SHOP CUSTOM Ordering Directions

Our website is easier to navigate on a computer than smart phone. 

The SHOP CUSTOM section can take a while to load, please be patient. 

Click on CUSTOM ORDERS on the menu bar.

Select SHOP CUSTOM from the drop down menu.

The first section that loads is Bakehouse Basics. You can select other themes by clicking on the "arrow down" and scrolling through the drop down menu  OR you can start manually scrolling through the pages. It takes longer to scroll through all cake designs but if you don't know what you want, you get the chance to peruse a wide range of cake themes. 

Once you have found a cake design you like, click on it. A new window pops up. Some designs, like our Bakehouse Basics, require just two clicks (choosing the size and terms) to order. Others will require multiple selections. Always be sure to scroll through and make selections for ALL options. Depending on the design there may be many selections. You will know you have reached the end of the options when you reach TERMS. Make sure your chosen options match the size of the cake you selected.  

Make sure to also read and select TERMS

The SPECIAL REQUESTS section is where you can request an inscription or color palette change. NO major changes or additions can be made to our designs unless noted in the options for that design. 

When you are done selecting all options, click ADD TO MY ORDER. 

When ready, go to MY CART

You must select a PICK-UP DATE and TIME. Keep in mind that these cakes require 1-week (or more) notice. The time parameters do not always directly reflect our operating hours.

Lastly input all payment information. You will receive an email confirmation. Thank You.