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Custom Orders

We are now offering two ways to place custom orders. 

Follow steps 1-7 below to start your one-of-a-kind custom order. We are taking a limited number of truly custom orders per week. We ask for 1 month's notice BUT reserve the right to cut orders once we reach capacity.


OR Browse our SHOP CUSTOM to purchase larger sizes of our stock cakes,  pre-designed theme cakes, and design-your-own contemporary cakes.  This section requires at least 1 week's notice but we may cut orders should we reach capacity. Please note: this section is a work in progress and not all themes are represented yet.


For custom cake, cupcake, and cookie orders please email us at ardsley@bakehouse.us

Please provide us with the following information: 

1 - The date of the party

2 - Your name 

3 - Your phone number

4 - The number of servings

5 - The flavor profile - click here to view our custom cake flavor selections. Please note - no changes or substitutions can be made to these flavor combinations. 

6 - View our gallery for design ideas or email us your images Please note - we can use cakes from other bakeries as inspiration but our version will NOT be an exact replica.

7 - The inscription


FAQ & Info

Ordering policy

As a safety precaution we are not offering in-person custom order consultations. Custom orders are initiated via email  - you will receive a price quote within 1 to 3 days. These orders are then finalized via phone with a 50% deposit. We finalize orders by phone TUESDAY-SATURDAY before 2:30pm. No custom orders are processed on SUNDAY or MONDAY.


OR you can place your order fully online  (click here ) by choosing one of our pre-designed cakes, cookies, or cupcakes in SHOP CUSTOM. These cakes are paid for in full online. No phone call or email required. 

Although our Custom Orders site is integrated into our main site it is separate. If you are looking to purchase a custom order and also stock items (like cookie trays or classic cupcakes) you will have to make two separate transactions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cancellation Policy

No changes can be made to your cake or cupcake order 3 days prior to the pick-up-date.  No changes can be made to your cookie order 5 days prior to the pick-up date. If an order is cancelled within the 3-day window (for cakes and cupcakes) or 5-day window (for cookies) we will retain the 50% deposit. 


We are NOT an allergen free bakery. This facility makes items with common allergens like peanuts, nuts, wheat, eggs, dairy, etc. There is always the risk of cross-contamination.


Flavor Specifics

*We only offer the flavor combinations listed in step 5. No substitutions or changes. 

*Fresh strawberries are the only filling we charge extra for.

*For tiered cakes or complex designs, our strawberry shortcake must be paired with gold cake (not sponge cake) 

* Our Tres Leches cake can not be used for tiered cakes or custom designs. We only offer whipped cream icing with this flavor.  

*Semi-naked cakes, taller than standard cakes, and larger tiers require a STABLE filling: see notations in flavor combo link in step 5

Order Pick-up

We recommend all custom orders be picked up by 2pm Tuesday-Saturday.

No cake decorators work on Sunday. All custom orders for Sunday are made on Saturday. Because of this, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE all Sunday orders be picked up on Saturday.  In the rare event that there is an issue with the order, and you pick it up on Sunday, there will be no-one to fix it AND our staff on Sundays is comprised of high school students who are not equipped to address such issues.  At that point, you will have to take the cake as-is (or not take the cake). When speaking with our staff, please discuss the matter in a calm and reasonable matter. We will not tolerate abusive or hostile behavior. It creates a toxic and potentially dangerous environment for everyone. We will do what we can to resolve the issue fairly on Tuesday. Please remember - cake is not a matter of life and death. 


Our apologies, but we are currently not offering deliveries.